Explore Our Local Harvest Grazing Board Farmers and Producers

Your private Tasting Pod Experience and Local Harvest Grazing Board is crafted using seasonal produce from Farmers and Artisans throughout Mansfield and the High Country of Victoria.

Indulge in the rich tapestry of local flavours with our exquisite Local Harvest Grazing Board that celebrates the bounty of our region. Handcrafted with care and passion, this stunning spread showcases the finest locally sourced produce, providing a true taste of the area's diverse and seasonal offerings.


Experience the essence of our local dairy farms with artisanal cheeses that range from creamy brie, aged cheddar, to tangy goat cheese. Each bite reflects the terroir of our region, delivering a unique and authentic flavour.

The Peaks Artisan Cheese Makers


Milawa Cheese Co.

Cured Meats:

Savour the smoky, savoury notes of locally cured meats, carefully selected for their quality and craftsmanship. From the bold richness of locally smoked beef to the delicately seasoned pork terrine, our grazing board embodies the artistry of our local charcuterie.

Gamze Smokehouse

Breads and Crackers:

Accompanying these delectable cheeses and meats are freshly baked breads and crisp crackers from our community bakeries. The assortment includes rustic organic sourdough slices, hearty grain crackers, and artisanal bread bark, providing the perfect canvas for your culinary journey.

Silver Creek Sourdough

Stir Crazy Lady

Burrum Biodynamics

Fresh Fruits:

Immerse yourself in the vibrant hues and sweet juiciness of locally sourced fruits. From plump, sun-kissed strawberries to orchard-fresh apple slices, our grazing board captures the essence of the local harvest season.

Lakeside Produce and Berries

We can't talk highly enough about the beautiful strawberries that organic farmers Krystle and Tim grow on their berry farm not far from us in Barjarg. Their strawberries are the basis of our Strawberry Summer Gin and are just so delicious eaten fresh as well. Strawberries freeze very well and we use them all year round to garnish our cocktails.


Elevate your tasting experience with a selection of locally grown nuts, adding a satisfying crunch to every bite. Whether it's the buttery richness of local walnuts or the earthy undertones of hazelnuts, these nuts bring a delightful texture to the board.

Wombat Hill Heritage Apples and Nuts 


Elevate your palate with thoughtfully chosen accompaniments, such as small batch quince paste, honey sourced from local apiaries, locally made hot sauce and organic olives that highlight the flavours of the region.

Mansfield Honey

Mansfield Honey

Brian from Mansfield Honey has spent a lifetime caring for bees and finding them the best homes where they can thrive...and produce some honey too.  We were to spend time with Brian while he regularly tended his hives at Swiftcrest Distillery. These hives produced honey that went into the first batches of our Dutch Apple Pie Moonshine. Our produce would not be the same without Mansfield Honey's beautiful flavour. We savour it at every opportunity.


The Embers

The Embers is full of lip-smacking flavour and the smokiest sauce you'll ever try. With only wholesome natural ingredients, all of the flavour in The Embers comes from the chillies themselves and the unique smoking process

In the words of The Embers

"It's so tasty we're worried the authorities will shut us down!"

Immerse yourself in the culinary heritage of our community with our Artisanal Spirits and Local Harvest Grazing Board. Perfect for gatherings, celebrations, or simply savouring the goodness of local produce, this board is a testament to the richness and diversity of our region's gastronomic offerings. Taste the difference that local makes!


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