Buxton Trout - Buxton Moutain Ash Smoked Trout

Buxton Trout - Buxton Moutain Ash Smoked Trout

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Traditional Mountain Ash wood fire smoked trout. Our fish are smoked using time-honoured methods passed on to the MacRae family by a local Dutchman in the seventies.
Our process involves a 12-hour brine followed by a slow 5-hour smoke using zero electricity in our purpose-built smokers.

As featured on Masterchef, our famous, traditional hot-smoked Mountain-Ash Smoked Trout is regarded by many as the best in Australia.

Buxton Trout and Salmon Farm

Buxton Trout and Salmon Farm is Australia’s first trout farm where trout have been reared for over 50 years.

The gravity fed water supply originates from the snowfields of Lake Mountain before cascading down Stevensons Falls and through its streams providing the perfect place to grow a clean natural food. No antibiotic chemicals or growth hormones are used on our farm. Our farm is a vertically integrated experience – we hatch the fish here and sell them ready for you to eat! Support local, sustainable and ethical food.