Swiftcrest Vanilla Bean Vodka - Australian Organic
Swiftcrest Australian Organic Vanilla Bean Vodka

Swiftcrest Vanilla Bean Vodka - Australian Organic

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Using our three-times-distilled Organic Sipping Vodka, we infuse the vodka with an organic/biodynamic vanilla bean grown here in Australia by @vanilla_australia. Our friends Russell and Mary are Australia's first and finest vanilla growers with their vanilla beans having four times higher vanillin content than anywhere else in the world! It is our Friday after work go to, we drink it in a shot glass with a small block of ice. Makes a great White Russian or Swiftcrest Espresso Martini.

We credit $5.00 to your next purchase when you return your bottle to us.

Sustainability underpins every single drop of our handmade Vodka's, Gin's and Whiskey. We are completely "off grid" and use wind fallen timber from our property and a wood fired boiler to heat our stills. We grow our own botanicals and use water from our natural granite filtered spring to make our spirits.