Sustainability is not something new to us.

We have been off-grid for over 18 years. 

For the past 18 years we have kept our farm chemical free and have de-stocked to increase the biodiversity of both plants and animals. We have watched our landscape change, new forests grow, seen the return of birds, earthworms and frogs and observed our many micro ecosystems develop.

Our Water

Right at the foot of Mt Buller and the alpine ranges, our spirits are made from the pure water of mountain snow melt that is filtered through granite bedrock from a spring on our property. The spring is gravity fed to our distillery, requiring no pumps or electricity.  It is our crystal clear spring water that adds to our spirits unique sense of terroir. 

Our Organic Ingredients

We use only organic ingredients, and we are the only distillery in the world using biodynamic barley, also uniquely grown in Victoria.  We source direct from the farmer, we grow our own botanicals and produce our own honey in season.

Our Energy - We are the first Australian distillery to be "Carbon Positive".

We gather fallen timber from our property to run a wood fired boiler that provides the steam to heat our stills.  The boiler also drives our 130-year-old steam pump that moves the cooling water around our distillery. The trees regenerate and continue to create a carbon sink that more than offsets the wind fallen timber we use. Carbon positive - always have been, always will be.


We use glass bottles and glass stoppers that can be reused.  We credit $5.00 to your next purchase when you return your bottle to us. Our labels are paper based, printed in house using solar power.  Our custom made boxes use recycled cardboard and are sealed with brown paper tape.  We love getting boxes back too!

Zero Waste

Swiftcrest Distillery aims to close the loop on the use of its packaging, have zero waste leaving the distillery and create zero emissions in the recycling process. Our protein rich spent grain is picked up by our friends at the Mansfield Zoo to feed their animals, spent pot ale is used to water and fertilise our land.  We make a lovely Gin marmalade from the infused organic oranges and botanicals!