The Whisky Collective

The Whisky Collective is our unique way of providing members with exclusive first access to our new releases and special events. As a member of the Whisky Collective you receive special perks, like lifetime free delivery, and event days made just for you.  As a part of the Swiftcrest Distillery family, you will experience a more intimate interaction with our little distillery as you join us on our distilling journey. We have always said, we have big dreams but small ambitions, we don't want to be the biggest distillery in the world, but we do want to be the best. By becoming a member you will join as we make our way to achieve our whisky dreams.

With three choices of membership, you can join with an option that suits you. 

The Inner Circle - Limited to 30 memberships - For the serious (or not so serious) whisky connoisseur that wants to be intimately involved in our distillery and our whisky releases.

The Barrel Master - Limited to 100 memberships - For the keen whisky lover who wants to learn more about whisky, receive exclusive access to event days, special perks and new releases.

The Spirit Thief - Unlimited - For those who just love good times, good spirits and would also like to share in our journey as well as receive special perks, exclusive access to new releases and special events.